Listen to Easy Rock 96.9 Cagayan De Oro

DXKS-FM, transmitting as 96.9 Easy Rock Cagayan De Oro, is a radio station claimed by Cebu Broadcasting Company (a completely possessed backup of Manila Broadcasting Company) in the Philippines. The station is as of now communicating from sixth floor TTK Tower Building, Don Apolinario Velez Street, Cagayan de Oro City. The fundamental arrangement of the station is delicate shake music.

On October 15, 1990, it began its communicate as 96.9 Love Radio.

On July 1, 2009, it changed its image to 96.9 Easy Rock.

Listen to Easy Rock 92.3 Iloilo City

DYST was introduced by Pacific Broadcasting Systems in 1995 as Showbiz Tsismis across the nation in Miag-ao, Iloilo in the southern piece of Iloilo. Its live feed from Manila is the principal showbiz situated FM station in the Philippines that time.

In 1999, it was rebranded as Yes FM Iloilo. What's more, moved its area in Jaro Plaza, Iloilo. It contended with its mom station DYMB-FM 97.5 Love Radio with their best DJ's and new style of mass style radio station with somewhat present day way. Yet, following two years it was come back to Love Radio spot as the main station in Iloilo City.

2002, Yes FM Iloilo, it went to full computerization with no DJs any mid-end popular music design and in the meantime, moved to its mom station DYMB-FM 97.5 studio in Guanco Street. There music more class B and C (white collar class audience members).

May 14, 2009, DYST-FM was sold to Cebu Broadcasting Company and rebranded to 92.3 WRocK The Heart of Lite Rock. WRocK Iloilo plays lite shake and option and some stone sort. This is in line to change system rather to two pop stations in a similar system, they will rival other sort to have the most extreme rating from other rivalry pop station in Iloilo.

July 1, 2009, It was formally rebranded again to 92.3 Easy Rock Iloilo, Just the Rite Rock. Its arrangement is lite shake, lite jazz, simple tuning in and doo wop station with no DJ's from sun up to sun down.

92.3 Easy Rock Iloilo is completely mechanized with less recorded declarations and more lite music.

Aug 3, 2017, both 92.3 Easy Rock and 97.5 Love Radio went abruptly off the air because of intensity flood from Panay Electric Company (PECO). Following 3 days, 97.5 Love Radio continued communicate.

Sep. 14, 2017, 92.3 Easy Rock Iloilo continued communicate after over multi month off air

Listen to Easy Rock 93.5 Boracay

Go light and easy with the best songs at Easy Rock Boracay, just the rite rock.

Maymay Entrata is Number 1 on MOR PINOY BIGA10

Maymay Entrata tops today's MOR PINOY BIGA10 Countdown for August 1, 2018

1. Shanawa – Maymay Entrata
2. Ikaw Lang Sapat Na – Maris Racal
3. BMG – Edward Barber
4. Para Lang Sa'yo – Elisse Joson & McCoy De Leon
5. Tanging Ikaw – Tony Labrusca
6. Clueless – Sam Mangubat
7. Panaginip – Morissette
8. Buwan – juan karlos
9. That Hero – Inigo Pascual
10. Hanggang Kailan Kaya – BoybandPH

Listen to DJ Joco Loco on MOR 101.9 ad Request Sam Milby Song

Seen here is Sam Milby (left) and DJ Joco Loco on MOR 101.9.

Here promoting for the new single Last Good Night off of Sam Milby's latest album.

Make sure to request the song for it to be included in the MOR PinoyBIGA10 Countdown.

The new album is called Sam:12 and listen to it via Spotify or via Apple Music.

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