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Spandau Ballet Officially Has A New Lead Singer, Is He Good?

On the evening of Wednesday, June 6, Spandau Ballet held a concert at the Subterania in London presenting on stage, for the first time, the new singer Ross William Wild to replace Tony Hadley.

In view of this concert guitarist Gary Kemp had told Billboard: "This is a rebirth of the band, but it's still the band, it still sounds like a band, the energy is the same, we still have the main songwriter.

Same musical protagonists And now we have this new guy who is filling us with new vitality, he really has a lot of talent, passion and knowledge ".

The Subterania is a 600-seat venue, formerly known as Acklam Hall, whose aces were trodden by artists like Clash and Joy Division in the '70s and' 80s.

Even the Spandau Ballet performed in the club when they were still called Gentry.

Martin Kemp told the audience: "About 40 years ago there was a group of kids called Gentry playing on this stage, this time it seems like a circle is closed and we start all over again, except this time it seems more exciting."

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