How Much Is The Nokia Pro Wireless Earphone and Nokia True Wireless Earbuds in the Philippines

Together with the Nokia 7.1 , yesterday HMD Global also presented two models of earphones, one of which is full wireless: they are called Nokia Pro Wireless Earphone and Nokia True Wireless Earbuds and at first glance they seem to promise well.

Let's start from the first model: the Pro Wireless Earphones are Bluetooth headsets to be placed on the shoulders, support Qualcomm aptX technology that should ensure good sound quality and minimum audio latency, resist splashes and sweat, and have a declared autonomy of 10 hours. But above all, stand out for some goodies that make them stand out compared to many other competitors' earphones: they have the cables covered with rope, vibrate to signal the call and are equipped with magnets, which automatically pause the music by joining the two earphones . The price for Europe should be 4,207.26 Philippine Piso, which could make them great rivals of the excellent (but unavailable) OnePlus Bullets Wireless .

As for the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds , stand out immediately for the particular shape of the houses: cylindrical and elongated, substantially different from the classic boxes that we are used to. Also in this case we find resistance to sketches and sweat (IPX4 certification), an enviable declared autonomy of 3 and a half hours with a single recharge (which comes to 14 hours with the extra battery provided by the case) and Bluetooth 5.0 . The recharge is via USB-C, each headset weighs only 5 grams and the price is competitive: 7,865.75 Philippine Piso.

Obviously we will have to try them with our hands before we can express ourselves better on this, but at first glance it seems that Nokia could have hit the mark with these two models of earphones.

According to reports, Nokia Pro Wireless Earphone and Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are expected to arrive in November in the UK and by the end of the year in the rest of Europe.

Review of the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headphones (Youth Edition)

Xiaomi has announced the new Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition earphones  , designed for athletes and offered at a very low price. Although they are cheap products, their data sheet is, however, very interesting. These earphones have removable plastic arches and are IPX4 certified to withstand splashes of water or sweat. On the wire of the earphones there is also a mini controller with microphone and three keys to control the various functions to which they can perform how to handle calls or start and stop music playback.

To enhance audio playback, these earphones come with a 10 mm driver and a diaphragm made of PET. In this way it is possible to optimize the low and medium frequencies that reduce the distortions. The Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition headsets connect to smartphones through Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity . Thanks to the 120 mAh rechargeable battery, the earphones have a range of up to 6 hours of music playback. The autonomy can vary considerably depending on the volume level.

These earphones can be purchased for only 99 Yuan, that is, around 10-12 euros. This is a low price that would be destined to rise in the case Xiaomi decided to bring these earphones also outside the Chinese market.

For athletes, however, these are really interesting products if the goal is to listen to music during physical activity.

How Good Are Microsoft Surface Headphones Here Is a Review

The anticipations of the previous days had always described, with little details, the new hybrid tablets, the new laptops and the new desktop computer designed for the creatives. No one, however, expected that Microsoft could show up at the event last October 2, 2018 with a pair of headphones with noise canceling technology . Instead, when everything seemed to take place according to the script, the Surface Headphones , the first headphones ever made by Redmond's house, appeared on stage.

And, mind you, this is not an impromptu company: according to what was said during the event dedicated (mainly) to the new Surface PCs , Microsoft engineers have worked on the development of these headphones for three years , with the The objective is to compete with the various Bose, Sony and Sennheiser in an increasingly competitive and increasingly attractive market (both for users, but above all for producers). In short, a well-calculated risk and built entirely in-house , taking advantage of laboratories, designers and production facilities all within the company created by Bill Gates.

At first glance, the work of the technicians of the Redmond house was more than excellent: the Surface Headphones are headphones over ear with a classic look , but not for this dated or "boring". Completely wireless , they connect via Bluetooth and are compatible with Windows 10 systems (you can connect them instantly with any Windows PC thanks to Swift Pair technology ), macOS, Android and iOS . Equipped with internal battery, offer a range of 15 hours of audio playback with Bluetooth, noise cancellation and active Cortana (yes, natively support Cortana without the need for an Internet connection); if only the audio reproduction and the cancellation of the noise remain active, the autonomy increases to 50 hours. Among other features, we also report the so-called head on : just wear them or remove them to activate or stop the audio playback.

For an optimal user experience, Microsoft engineers have implemented a double control system : on the one hand volume and noise cancellation level can be controlled thanks to the rings mounted on the outside of the audio pavilions; on the other side it will be possible to check the functionalities (audio playback, answer calls, control audio reproduction) thanks to a touch surface on the outside of the pavilions.

Surface Headphones features summary
Pavilions weight and dimensions : 296 grams, 40 mm pavilions
Microphones : 8 microphones (4 per pavilion) including 4 beanforming
Autonomy and recharge . 15 hours of audio playback with Bluetooth, noise canceling and active Cortana; 50 hours of audio playback with Bluetooth off and active noise cancellation. Equipped with fast charging, it offers up to 1 hour of playback with a charge of 5 minutes
Audio and equalizer . Thanks to the smartphone app that accompanies the headphones, the user can choose between 13 different preset audio modes, so as to play their own music with the bass levels that you prefer
Connectivity . Bluetooth 4.2, USB type-C
Controls . Double ring on the outside of the pavilions to control volume and noise cancellation level; touch surface for checking the functionality of the headphones
Voice assistant . Naturally compatible with Cortana, even without a connection to the Net. To activate the assistant, it will suffice to say "Hey Cortana"
Microsoft headphones are not immediately available, but can only be purchased in a few weeks. Even if the Microsoft Headphones release date has not been made known, it is easy to assume that they are put on sale just before the Christmas holidays, as a Christmas present for the home audiophiles. It must be said, however, that Microsoft headphones should not reach our latitudes. Or at least, they should not do it immediately: the initial launch, in fact, is only provided for the United States. The retail price is 350 dollars.

How To Try YouTube Music in the Philippines and Asian Countries

YouTube Music is not yet available in the Philippines and other countries in Asia. You can however opt for beta or for early access if you are a developer. Or send a message to YouTube to get notification when this arrives, you can use the Twitter account TeamYouTube to get in touch with them.

YouTube launches YouTube Music, the web platform has announced that next Tuesday, May 22, 2018, will be active a new paid service of streaming music similar to Spotify and Apple Music.

The new service will allow you to watch videos without ads, to listen to music even by turning off the screen and creating personalized playlists.

The Liverpool-Real Champions League final on Saturday, May 26th will be streamed on YouTube through the BtSport channel.

Youtube Music will currently only be available in Australia, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and the United States. In the coming weeks it will also arrive in Italy.

The new streaming music service like Spotify, but YouTube, will be paid, at a cost of 10 dollars a month, but there will be an initial free trial period.

With YouTube Music it will be possible to watch music videos without the interruption of advertising and you can listen to music even by turning off the screen, thus overcoming the limit between the biggest of the music platform.

Spotify instead in the last period  has canceled all accounts that used the premium version for free by circumventing the system through an unofficial application. On the market, however,  there are free alternatives that allow you to listen to music for free: without advertising, choosing songs as you like, but especially offline.

Tuning In to Internet Radio from An Actual Radio Set

Would you like to listen to the streaming radio but do not know how? You do not have to worry, with this article we really want to help you! Your hectic days, rich perhaps of traveling by train or bus, could be less frustrating if you have your favorite stations in your headphones. So what are you waiting for? In the next lines I will give you all the information to listen to your favorite shows online. Are you ready? Great, let's go!

To listen to the radio streaming, you must first have a data connection, because if you are around, you will hardly be able to use a Wi-Fi. So, make sure you have a promotion with at least 10 GB active, also because often listening to the streaming radio you could consume some data. Then connected to the official website of the station you want to listen to : here you will have a menu where you will also see the voice Listen. Click on it, it will open a window where you do not have to do anything but crush play and listen to the program that at that time is expected in the schedule.

That done, you just have to get comfortable and let yourself be lulled by the voices of the most important speakers of Italian radio, from Linus to Max Brigante just to mention two names among those that are always the most.

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