Maine Makakatrabaho Na Ang Aktor Na Ito Na Dream Leading Man Ng Karamihan

  Maswerte talaga si Maine Mendoza sa mundo ng showbiz. Kung ang ibang artista ay matagal nang makatrabaho ang isang magaling na aktor, siya...

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One of the most requested features by Apple Music users is Handoff support, which would allow you to start playing a song on Mac and continue listening to it on iPhone (or vice versa) without interruption. To overcome this lack, from today you can download the PlayOff app for iOS and macOS. MOR 101.9 Manila

PlayOff does all this thanks to a client for Mac that can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store and its app for iOS, available on the App Store for € 2.29 . The app uses the Bluetooth connection and Apple's MusicKit framework to share Apple Music music playback between an iPhone and a Mac .

Once PlayOff is installed on both devices, you will need to perform a simple pairing procedure. Once this is completed, you can use the PlayOff app on iOS to continue playing a song immediately from your Mac . The app also works the other way around, allowing you to continue playing a song from your iPhone on your Mac. DJ Chacha on MOR 101.9

However, there are some limitations on PlayOff, such as the fact that iPhone and Mac must be within Bluetooth range in order to take advantage of the Handoff function. However, this is a fairly relative limit, given that most of the time the user will be near the desk when he needs to transfer the song from Mac to iPhone or vice versa.

For the rest, PlayOff works perfectly and fills one of the gaps in Apple Music. Always listen to DJ Chacha on MOR 101.9

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How to take advantage of Apple Music using search feature

An interesting little novelty under the hood for Apple Music. Finally from today also in Italy comes the new search function of a song through the text.

The new feature was launched by Apple a little on the sly, with an activation on the server side, but surely many of you will have noticed in the search tab the appearance of a new message inherent to this new feature of Apple Music.

By pressing the confirmation button, we will be ready to take advantage of this new feature, which is very simple. Still using the Search tab, you can simply insert a portion of the text inside the search field at the top to start searching for the song with the related text, obviously paying attention to select the search on Apple Music if the song was in your library

As you can see everything is really very simple and in just a few minutes the search result will display the song we were looking for among the best results. We certainly do not find ourselves in front of some kind of function but certainly in front of a valid instrument to find, for example, the song that we have perhaps listened to outdoors and of which we have understood only the text.

Apple Music on Amazon Echo How Does It Fair

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Handshake between Amazon and Apple to bring the music streaming service of the bitten apple on devices of the Echo line at home. Starting next month, more precisely from December 17, you can connect the Apple Music account to the application of Alexa and then ask the virtual assistant to start playing a song, an album or a playlist.

You can therefore interact with the AI ​​through voice commands to start listening to one of the ladders curated by the team of Cupertino, dedicated for example to a particular genre (hip-hop, rock, classical and so on) or a period ( 80s). The catalog includes the Beats 1 station broadcasts with interviews and exclusive content. Since this is a premium access mode to the platform (subscription is required), the reproduction takes place without any kind of advertising interruption. Thus, Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices, emphasizes the importance of the partnership.

Considering that HomePod is not yet available officially in our country, a move of this type makes the device less attractive for those who were waiting for it.

The integration of Apple Music on the Echo line confirms how much Amazon is focusing on support for third-party services to push the spread of its smart speakers, smart displays and Alexa . A vision confirmed by the words of Limp, which refers to the API made available to developers in order to make the most of the potential of the assistant.

40 hours of music every month on Amazon to fight Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music

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The great rush to tech streaming is increasingly a war of all against everyone. With each player aiming to occupy the market niches already guarded by their competitors. The latest move by Amazon : last since the last autumn of the premium audio streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited, the e-commerce platform founded by Jeff Bezos now offers free to all Amazon Prime customers the Prime Music service that provides music streaming or free download of something like 2 million titles.

Amazon Prime customers can listen to up to 40 hours of music every month, without advertising and without additional costs.

With Prime Music, Prime customers can choose to listen to music in any way they want. Songs and albums can be chosen individually and listened to several times. Music is available for streaming but also for downloading on mobile devices. This way Amazon Prime customers can access their favorite songs even without an internet connection. Prime Music is available through the Amazon Music app on Android, iOS, PC and Mac, as well as Tablet Fire, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Music lovers, in Italy, can also access the complete catalog of the subscription service Amazon Music Unlimited which allows access to over 50 million songs and latest releases and digital music downloads.

The range of services available to Prime customers, which already have Prime Video (access to Amazon Original and TV and movie series) and Prime Reading (access to hundreds of eBooks from the Kindle Fire, Kindle device or through the Kindle app for iOS and Android. And it is a message to Spotify, leader in the audio streaming market that looks at the segment they saw, and to Alphabet Google that with YouTube is the leader in the streaming video market but, with YouTube Music, it aimed the audio segment.

This feature however is only available to select markets only.

Youtube Music Finally Coming to the Philippines

YouTube launches YouTube Music, the web platform has announced that in the coming months will be active a new paid service of streaming music similar to Spotify and Apple Music.

The new service will allow you to watch videos without ads, to listen to music even by turning off the screen and creating personalized playlists.

Youtube Music will currently only be available in Australia, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and the United States. In the coming months it will also arrive in the country.

The new streaming music service like Spotify, but YouTube, will be paid, with a cost of $ 10 a month around 500 pesos, but there will be an initial free trial period.

With YouTube Music it will be possible to watch music videos without the interruption of advertising and you can listen to music even by turning off the screen, thus overcoming the limit between the biggest of the music platform.

Spotify instead in the last period  has canceled all accounts that used the premium version for free by circumventing the system through an unofficial application. On the market, however,  there are free alternatives that allow you to listen to music for free: without advertising, choosing songs as you like, but especially offline.

Here we have collected the  5 music apps like Spotify but for free.

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