Maine Makakatrabaho Na Ang Aktor Na Ito Na Dream Leading Man Ng Karamihan

  Maswerte talaga si Maine Mendoza sa mundo ng showbiz. Kung ang ibang artista ay matagal nang makatrabaho ang isang magaling na aktor, siya...

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Vice Ganda, Ion Perez Magpapakasal Na Nga Ba

Emosyonal na sandali nina Vice Ganda at Ion Perez sa "Showtime" ay naging viral

- Ang sandali na kinasasangkutan ng dalawang bituin na nagpapalitan ng "I love you's" onstage

- Kapwa sila pagkatapos ay maluha luha pagkatapos sabihin "Mahal kita" sa bawat isa

Kamakailan lang ay nagulat sina Vice Ganda at Ion Perez sa kanilang mga co-host at ang mga miyembro ng madla ng programa ng Channel2 na "Showtime."

Nalaman ng fans na ang dalawa ay nagpalitan ng "Mahal kita" sa entablado.

Ang kanilang pag-uusap ay nagsimula bilang isang biro ngunit naging seryoso sa sandaling sinabi nila "Mahal kita" sa bawat isa.

Nagulat sina Anne Curtis at Vhong Navarro nang makita nila pareho sina Ion at Vice na nagpatulo na ng luha.

Ilang buwan nang nai-usap sina Vice at Ion na sila ay nasa isang lihim na relasyon.

Ayon kay Ion, umiyak siya dahil napuno siya ng kaligayahan.

"Masarap makita na masaya ang taong mahal mo," paliwanag ni Ion.

Una nang iniulat sa mga pahayagan na masaya si Vice sa nakakatawang pagganap ng GirlTrend sa "Showtime."

Si Vice Ganda ay isa sa mga pinakatanyag na kilalang tao sa Pilipinas. Bukod sa pagho-host ng "It's Showtime," ang kanyang mga pelikula ay karaniwang top-grossing films sa taunang Metro Manila Film Festival.

Ano Kaya ang Humipo kay Marian Rivera Sabi ni Dingdong Dantes

Sumulat si Dingdong Dantes ng isang matamis na mensahe ng kaarawan para sa kanyang asawang si Marian Rivera na naka-35 noong Lunes, Agosto 12.

Sa Instagram, nai-post ng Kapuso Primetime King ang isang larawan ni Marian mula sa huling araw ng pagdiriwang ng kaarawan na sinelebrate sila sa Sonya's Garden sa Tagaytay.

"Ang sinag ng sikat ng araw ay biglang humipo sa kanyang mukha, at sa loob lamang ng ilang segundo bago ito nawala, nagawa kong makuha ang sandaling ito," sulat ni Dingdong sa caption.
Ipinahayag ni Dingdong kung gaano siya kasaya na makasama si Marian sa tabi niya bilang kapareha sa loob ng isang dekada.

"Masuwerte ako na nasa tabi niya upang masaksihan ito, ngunit mas nagpapasalamat ako na nasa tabi niya bilang kanyang kapiling sa buhay ng higit sa isang dekada ngayon. Maligayang kaarawan, @marianrivera!" Idinagdag niya.

BTS real reason behind their break revealed

The BTS, the biggest k-pop band of all time and one of the most famous groups in the world at this time, have decided to take a "long break" to "rest and relax". The announcement was made on Sunday by their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, after a concert in Seoul, South Korea: it will be the first break that BTS will make since they started singing together, in 2013, and it is not clear how long will it last. In the Big Hit Entertainment release it explains that the BTS will use this break to get ready to start working again and ask anyone who meets one of them in the coming months to respect his privacy.

The BTS is a South Korean music group born in 2013 and composed of seven boys around the age of twenty who sold more than 10 million records in South Korea, but which has a gigantic and growing worldwide following. Only in the United States did BTS fill entire stadiums, and they were seen by hundreds of thousands of people. They have won the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards (ie the audience award) in the last three years and have become the second group in the history of music, after the Beatles,  to have three records in number one on the Billboard 200 year .

For those not familiar, k-pop is a South Korean musical and cultural phenomenon, a local pop mixed or inspired by American music, pop, R&B, rock and even hip hop. It is aimed in particular at adolescents and in the last decade has crossed the borders of South Korea making itself known successfully throughout the world, from the United States to India, from the Middle East to Italy. To understand: Psy, the author of the famous "Gangnam Style" of 2012, was the first k-pop singer who was really talked about in the rest of the world.

Attention Mothers, music is good for premature, sad and even stressed kids

A new study conducted in Switzerland confirms that music can do much more than make us dream and calm our senses: the right songs can help to enhance the neurological development of premature babies . We are talking about children born before the 32nd week of pregnancy who, thanks to medical advances, today have a good chance of survival, but who find themselves fighting with the risk of developing neuropsychological (even serious) disorders.

To help the brains of these fragile newborns develop as well as possible - despite the stressful environment of intensive care - researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have proposed an original solution: music written specifically for them . The first results of this sweet therapy have been published in the Acts of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in the United States and are surprising: medical imaging reveals that neural networks - in particular a network involved in many sensory and cognitive functions - of premature babies who listened to that precise melody developed much better .

Every year, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the HUG accommodates 80 children born too early - between 24 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, which is almost four months ahead of schedule in some cases. The vast majority survive, but half of them later develop neuro-evolutionary disorders - aliases: learning difficulties, attention or emotional disorders. As Petra Hüppi, professor at the UNIGE Faculty of Medicine and Head of the Development and Growth Division of HUG, explains: "At birth, the brains of these children are still immature. Brain developmenthe must therefore continue in the intensive care unit, in an incubator, in very different conditions than when they were still in the womb. The immaturity of the brain, combined with a disturbing sensory environment, explains why neural networks do not develop normally ”.

The Geneva researchers have decided to rely on music starting from a practical idea: as the neural deficits of premature babies are due - at least in part - to unexpected and stressful stimuli (such as the birth before time), but also to the lack of stimuli adapted to their conditions, their environment should be enriched by introducing pleasant elements and well-studied stimuli. Since hearing - generally - works from the beginning, music seems to be the perfect ally to deal with the problem. Which music are we talking about, exactly? "Fortunately, we met the composer Andreas Vollenweider who had already directed musical projects for special situations and showed great interest in creating music suitable for premature babies," explained Hüppi.

Lara Lordier, a doctor in neuroscience and researcher at the HUG and UNIGE, described the process of musical creation as follows: "It was important that these musical stimuli were related to the child's condition. We wanted to structure the day with pleasant stimuli in the appropriate moments: a music to accompany their awakening, a music to accompany their falling asleep and a music to interact during the phases of awakening ". The right tool is everything: Vollenweider has played several in the presence of a nurse specializing in development support to understand which were the most appreciated by young patients, and “The instrument that generated most of the reactions was the flute of Indian snake charmers (punji). The very agitated children calmed down almost instantly - their attention was drawn to the music! ", Lordier told Good News. The musician then composed three sound tracks about eight minutes long each playing punji, the harp and some bells.

The study was conducted with a group of premature babies who listened to music, a control group of premature babies and a full-term control group of newborns to assess whether the brain development of the premature babies who had listened to the music would have been more similar to that of term children. Scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging at rest on all three groups of children. Long story short, premature babies without music generally had poorer functional connectivity between brain areas than full-term children, confirming the negative effect of prematurity: "The network most affected is the salience networkthat detects the information and assesses its relevance at a specific time, then creates the connection with the other brain networks that must act. This network is essential, both for learning and performing cognitive tasks, as well as in social relationships or emotional management, "confirmed Lara Lordier.

"In intensive care, children are overwhelmed by stimuli unrelated to their condition: open and closed doors, alarms activated and so on. Unlike a child born in time who, in utero, regulates his rhythm to that of his mother , the premature child in intensive care can hardly develop the link between the meaning of a stimulus in a specific context ". However, the neural networks of the children who listened to the music of Andreas Vollenweider improved significantly: the functional connectivity between the salience network and the auditory, sensorimotor, frontal, thalamic and precuneus networks is actually increased - obtaining a network organization more similar to full-term babies.

In short, music is (really) much more than a background for our days, cheers!

The big day has arrived for Rock Music fans on Apple Music and Spotify

The big day has finally arrived. After the announcement of a few days ago , the discography of the Tool debuts today on the main streaming music platforms . The songs of Maynard's alternative metal group James Keenan are in fact available for listening on Apple Music, Spotify and the like .

An important change for the entire sector, as until now the Tool had been reluctant to the idea. As a result, fans were forced to use YouTube to listen to the tracks.

The publication of the entire Tool discography comes a few days after the publication of the new album "Fear Incolum", arriving on August 30th .

Other important artists initially opposed to uploading their music to streaming platforms, including Metallica, AC / DC, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, but the increased use by users, and the popularity of the applications, he practically forced them to embrace new technologies.
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