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DJ Papi Charlz, Chikki Boomboom, and Toni Ga Greetings and Song Request

Here is the latest countdown results

Included in the countdown is Edward Benosa - 'Di Man Lang Nagpaalam .

Also included in the countdown is Morissette Amon - 'Di Mapaliwanag .

Also, check out Maroon 5 - Sugar .

VIRAL: Girl Sues Guy for Uploading Scandal Video

A video on YouTube currently resurfaced and went viral showing a guy attempting to force his way into a lady.

The video turned out to be a repost of one that was originally posted in 2012. The footage shows two college students playing around. However, it is revealed that the man was drunk.

The lady later made a statement that she got scared although she knew the man very well.

Updated: The college girl who is now working at a call center is now filing a case against the guy.

Although it turned the video was made out of fun, the shame she got when the video circulated has created damages for her. She now wants to sue the guy for the video.

Click more to watch video

DJ Chacha Babes Request and Greetings!

Here we go again , this is totally crazy, we are getting ecstatic about the latest in the social media universe.

So lately, we have been getting feedback about this on FB and Twitter , as people are posting about DJ Chacha Babes.

Well, I cannot believe that people are talking about this. But yeah it is real.

Listen to Barangay RT 99.5 Cebu, Greetings Requests for DJ Papa Joe

Not many know it, but Cebu actually is dominated by RGMA's DYRT FM or Barangay RT 99.5. 99.5 RT as it was formerly called, not to be confused by the Manila station of the same monicker which now has a new format and brand, RT is the dominating station but not based on KBP sanctioned rating system.

The station has a subcription to Nielsen Survey, a private ratings system, something that the station is only using in the city.

Since GMA is not a member of the KBP, the results that the RRC or Radio Research Council will not include or if it does, the numbers for DYRT will have no significance.

The BIGA-TEN Countdown with Chinapaps

Good day fella, love it love it, yes I just had my brunch, so tasty and I love it.

Like most people, I scroll over my phone to get the latest buzz and what the heck, people are sharing this Top Songs on Radio.

I don't know about you, but news media is changing its landscape.

Hashtagging, mentioning, posting, this is what's new. And yup they are talking about, oh god, this "Top Ten Most Requested"

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