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Listen and Call DJ Papa Jack 90.7 Love Radio TLC True Love Conversations

Love Radio 90.7 continues to be a force to reckon with as it remains to be the Metro's number and undisputed number one station in the FM band.

Of course, one of the station's main drivers is DJ Papa Jack whose nightly program TLC and formerly Wild Confessions are a household name. No matter how much competition, distractions, and hate his show receives, it is without a doubt a top rated format.

Listen to WISH 107.5 Manila Live Streaming

DWNU now has a new name and a new brand and it is called WISH 107.5. The old format Win Radio is still alive though.

Win Radio is now being used at 91.5 which used to be Energy FM and converted to BIG RADIO. So why switched to WISH FM. Win Radio is already a winning format? The answer really is in the appeal.

Listen to WHTZ Z100 New York Live Streaming

WHTZ 100.3 New York's Number One Hit Music Station.

Z100 is the world's most admired CHR station. Often imitated by many stations and often is duplicated.

It plays the best mix of hit music from today and yesterday. It is headed by the prod god who is not really god at all.

Listen to Oomph Radio 105.1 Cebu

Cebu City has a brand new radio station and it is called Oomph Radio 105.1.

The station occupies the 105.1 FM band which was formerly used by a hot AC in the city.Oomph Radio is a radio station owned by VIVA Entertainment. Answering the void to a format that caters to OPM Pop, the group launched last year a unique programming that Cebuanos have not heard before.

Listen to Dear MOR with Popoy, Baby Girl Jasmin 101.9

DWRR has had many incarnations since its inception, but whatever brand or monicker it landed into, the station remains to be the top rated in the industry.

It had gone through massive face lifting from being an AC station or love songs, to light rock, to high end Top 40 station and now the leading masa station as MOR.

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