[VIDEO] Wow, Ang Sarap Tingnan Ng Mga Bonding Moments Ng Pamilyang Faulkerson At Mendoza

Marami talaga ang nag-aabang na mangyayari itong bonding na ito between sa pamilya nila Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza. Noon pa man ay ...

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Nokia 5.1 Plus X5 is PHP 8,541.95 Philippine Price, Hands on Review

I was looking for a Nokia smartphone that did not exceed a 10,000 price and that would replace my existing smartphone now at the end of life, I was sincerely skeptical to switch to Android but I changed my mind. I still do not understand how an average user like myself should consider phones from 25,000 or more. But I actually like this Nokia 5.1 Plus X5.

I only checked the proper functioning of the smartphone. I must say that the touch is very sensitive, the cameras make beautiful pictures even in low light. Beautiful line very compact and manageable. I am disappointed that on 32 gigs of rom almost 8 are occupied by the system. In the price there could be a transparent cover and an anti-scratch film.

At this price one could not expect more. For me that I use the cell phone in "basic model", that is, few apps and nothing exceptional, that's fine.

The audio quality of the calls of Nokia 5.1 Plus X5 is not crystal clear, but still feels good. It 's very fast, excellent signal in 4G, aesthetically very nice and pleasant to the touch, but I suggest you buy a case and the protection in tempered glass, because it is very thin and slips easily from the hands.

Behind the cover there is a small black label with a serial number. But there is no app pre-installed by the operator on the new Nokia 5.1 Plus X5.

From the aesthetic point of view it is a show with the body completely in a rigid build that makes it solid and of quality. The hardware sector is performing and always responsive. From the software point of view there is a wonderful Android stock system without unnecessary customizations. This Nokia 5.1 Plus X5 deserves all the stars. Welcome to Nokia.

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5) Specifications
performanceOcta core
display5.86" (14.88 cm)
storage32 GB
camera13 MP
battery3060 mAh

Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018 Price in the Philippines

Samsung continues to shell out brand new smartphones month after month as competition heats up. Recently, the Korean giant has unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018

It is an update to the 2017 hit midrange phone. And this one sports a 3D scanner that scans your face as your security login feature.

This will be a new feature instead of the iris eye scanner found on the last year's Galaxy S8 and S9.

The Galaxy Grand Prime Plus in this respect may be an experimental phone.

The price for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018 is around 11,980 Philippine Peso.

It rocks a vibrant and large 5.5 inch display, with a resolutino of 540x960.

Battery is okay at 3630 mAh.

Here are a few obversations:

The phone finds the following problems: the battery has a very limited autonomy, often the jack does not work, it heats up quickly and turns itself off.

The real defect of this model is the lack of memory, but it depends on the use that one wants to make.

I wanted a cell phone fast and with good enough memory without having to spend an entire salary .... luxury at moderate prices, yes I like it! Elegant, maybe a bit 'too heavy, being able to put in your handbag, it is not prohibitive.

The only flaw the initial explanations, practically non-existent ... if you are not experienced you find it difficult to understand the use of the key to insert the sim. The screen allows you to read e-books well. The apps needed for my work have all entered ... in short, for me it's great!

Excellent both the internal and external camera. High quality videos and photos. Very fluid navigation. Very nice design, handy and functional. I bought the gold color and live is even more beautiful, it is more between gold and silver. The only negative things are the lack of the underwire to extract the compartment for the Sim / SD and then the photo gallery as there is only that of Google, but it is not a big problem as you can easily download from the market. Anyway, for the quality / price ratio, I recommend it great.

The design is really beautiful, with attention to the smallest details. Speed ​​in loading pages, the software is amazing Oreo is the best choice in my opinion. And what about the photos that makes a double bomb with a double camera. Do not be intimidated by previous phones.

From the software point of view, I think the choice to have kept the Oreo system practically stock, in fact all the applications are native google and the system, in general, is always fluid and responsive, even for ample ram that allow you to keep several applications open without lag or reloads.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018 is a great value for money phone that I recommend, ideal for those coming from a lower range or alternatively to other medium range without giving up a sophisticated design in line with the "latest trends ".

I Bought The Huawei P20 Lite Instead of Nova 3i, Great for Listening to Radio and Music

Before writing this review, I waited 2 weeks to better test the P20 LITE. I can be satisfied with this phone that has not disappointed my expectations ... Huawei is growing, but can continue to improve even more.

But the company has released the Nova 3i and I also used and will feature a separate review, however I found that the P20 Lite is a better deal, and here is why.

DIMENSIONS: I think these are really the right dimensions that a smartphone should have. Easy to hold and with your thumb you can cover the whole screen. The back glass material makes it non-slippery, albeit delicate (I highly recommend a cover).

AUDIO: compared to the previous Huawei that I had, I must say that this certainly has the best audio speakers and microphone, even if it is not very high.

I really like listening to music here and radio because yes there is still FM here, I listen to Wish 107.5 and MOR 101.9.

Regarding the brightness it is very strong, improved by far.

BATTERY: without too much effort, the 24h reaches without problems.

I am more than satisfied, finally a smartphone whose battery that, even if used a lot for the internet, lasts until the evening and could still be used. For me it was a real asset is far superior to the previous Samsung. I recommend it a lot.

FLUIDITY ': no ​​problem, even with almost full memory, it never stopped

FOTOCAMERA: the strong point of this phone, we are really reaching the top, especially if we think about the price . Crazy photos.

SCREEN: really nice idea to make full-screen, even if I personally opted to take advantage of the whole screen without leaving the bottom edge with the writing Huawei ...

This mobile phone perfectly meets my needs. I wanted a product of good quality / price, easy to use, easy to use, with good internal memory to allow me to upload programs with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp and this device is for me. In addition, the camera is of a high level and you can take beautiful pictures, even in unfavorable lighting conditions, and shoot videos of good quality.

Product chosen after a long evaluation, considering, in my case, also the change of operating system, already from the first use proves positive. The dimensions are adequate, excellent camera and effective operating speed.

The smartphone has all the necessary functions that can be found in clear and functional menus.

The only aspect that perhaps focus better in the description and that, personally, I could only grasp reading the manual before purchase (but it would not have affected), consists of the impossibility of using two SIM simultaneously with the micro SD card expansion of the memory, since the slider slots are only two (two nano sim or one nano sim and the micro SD card).

CONCLUSIONS: if you are looking for a smartphone that is up to date and with technology but do not want to spend a fortune, the P20 LITE will be right for you. The price, compared to the quality, is really good and sincerely, for the moment, there are no rivals on the market. If we really want to find flaws in this phone, well you could try to put a better headphone and make it all the screen. For the rest, without a doubt, I recommend it.

Barbie Imperial Hiwala Na Kay Paul Salas? Eto Kaya Ang Mga Dahilan?

Barbie Imperial Hiwala Na Kay Paul Salas, Eto Ang Mga DahilanSocial media is now discussing about Paul Salas's removal of Barbie's photos in his Instagram account.

The netizens and followers of the actor suspiciously think they ended their relationship

The question is now what are the reasons of the rumored break up?

These are the suggestions of netizens about the cause of Paul and Barbie's separation.

A Wala nang oras ang dalawa dahil sa mga work nila lalo na’t magkaiba ang network nila.

B Pagseselos ni Paul kay JM De Guzman dahil sa sweetness at kulitan ng dalawa off and on cam.

C Na-fall na si Barbie kay JM kaya iniwan niya si Paul

D Malabo na talaga ang relasyon nila bago magkatambal sina Barbie at JM

Sa inyong palagay, saan ba sa A-D ang posibleng nangyari sa relasyon nila Paul at Barbie?

Which is the best: Spotify or Amazon Prime Music?

As many will know and especially the subscribers, Amazon a few months ago has decided to increase from 1,246.00 Philippine Piso to 2,243.93 Philippine Piso the annual fee for the Prime account, commonly known as Amazon Prime . The first hot reactions were obviously dissenting for an increase considered excessive, but Amazon then clarified the issue explaining that the subscription included additional services, some immediately available as  Amazon Prime Video  and Amazon Prime Photos and other successively replaced as  Amazon Prime Music  and Amazon Prime reading.

Surely a set of applications that justify (in our opinion) the current price, but with a proper clarification: the Amazon Prime Music service is the reduced version and not the Music Unlimited that instead will continue to cost 9.99 per month, discounted to 99 euros per year for Amazon Prime users. Coming to this article, we begin to answer some general questions

What is Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music  is a streaming music service that we can compare to Spotify that allows you to listen to music on different playback devices such as smartphones, tablets, Amazon Fire , Fire Stick , PC, Mac, etc. At the moment it is possible to choose the music to listen on about 2 million songs, against the 50 million present for users of  Music Unlimited

Its operation is simple and intuitive, there are songs, predefined playlists for genres and / or singers, radio and it works almost like Spotify.

Amazon Prime Music or Spotify, which one is better?
The thing that has certainly struck me immediately was the ability to download the music that I listened to and play it even without an active data connection at a later time, something that with Spotifyyou can only do it with the premium account. Also there are no commercial breaks as happens on Spotify every 30 minutes. I would say I would like to see because it is a service that is part of a paid subscription (Amazon Prime). Instead I was disappointed by a limitation that for some may be of little importance, but for others perhaps a bit 'too stringent: You can listen to a maximum of 40 hours per month and once exceeded no song will be more listenable. 40-hour limit that starts at the beginning of each month and will be notified when the limit is reached.

It is possible to connect to Amazon Prime 10 devices (we have tried two at the same time), while offline music can only be listened to by up to 4 devices. Spotify instead, with the Remote control mode , can be heard from only one device at a time. Of course, the number of hours is calculated on the account and not on the device used.

Amazon Prime Music benefits

Amazon Prime Music benefits
So which one to choose? The choice is obviously subjective. Those who listen for little more than an hour of music a day could tend to Amazon and in case you do not listen to advertising, while those who eat music for several hours a day will inevitably have to do well advertising but without limits of time, except to opt for paid subscriptions or for other non-legal solutions.

How to activate Amazon Prime Music?
By having an Amazon Prime subscription, activation is automatic, you can listen to your music from any web browser by accessing the Amazon Prime Music application  and start enjoying immediately all the 2 million tracks available on any device.

Prime Music along with  Prime Reading  certainly give a greater sense to spending 36 euros for the Amazon Prime account , although some limitations make the service useless to some. features such as downloading and lack of advertising are factors to be taken into account, but as mentioned before the choice is to be made according to their needs. And what do you think? Do you need just over an hour of music or are you tireless fans?

Listen to new album of Troye Sivan featuring duet with Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande: the duet with Troye Sivan is coming. The song is titled "Dance To This" and will be part of the new album of Australian talent.

For him it is practically a dream come true: the Australian Troye Sivan announced a collaboration with Ariana Grande , also publishing the artwork of the single on social channels.

The song is called Dance To This and will be released on Wednesday, June 13th.

The song is part of the anticipations that Troye is making of his next album, Bloom , coming out on August 31st.

The other songs published were My My My , The Good Side and the title track Bloom .

Troye is building a series of high-profile artistic relationships in the world of pop music.

Not only Ariana Grande, but also Taylor Swift , always ready to support rising colleagues (as she is doing with Camila Cabello): Troye was invited on the stage of his concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, to sing one of the three new singles, My My My .

Even Ariana Grande will release an album in August, her highly anticipated fourth studio work, Sweetener .

What is the only negative thing about the Sony MDRZX110AP headphones - review

In my opinion, they are honest headphones, especially considering that the Sony MDRZX110AP cost 930.67 Philippine Piso, less than half of the only sponges cover spare parts of my Sennheiser.

I took two, for me and my son, to listen to music with the phone when we are around, especially because both classic in-ear headphones bother.

We took these because we can also make phone calls, as well as listen.

It does not feel bad, honestly I like the sound of the Sony MDRZX110AP.

You can not expect the sound of a vinyl with a tube amp and a 37,226.80 Philippine Piso headphone, but the overall performance satisfies me, I find that the dynamic range is there, and it's good.

Mostly I listen to rock and heavy metal, things like AC DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and I like the sound.

Even with classical music all in all, they are not bad.

THE' isolation is limited, they are simple supra-aural headphones, so you can not expect total isolation, not being made for that.

It would be like buying a bicycle and complaining that to go you need to ride, no? And the volume is that given by the device that powers them, if you attach a 600 Watt RMS amp per channel the volume will go up so much to make them vaporize.

Honestly, for what they cost in my opinion it feels good.

Who buys them and then complains that the acoustic output is not optimal has you ever wondered why they sell (and buy) headphones from hundreds of euros? Or do they think they are the smartest and pay for a bike to have a Harley ??? They are headphones of 930.67 Philippine Piso, I pay the Jacks of my electric guitars on 930.67 Philippine Piso each, only the jack !!!! And for 930.67 Philippine Piso I think they give a lot, more than the cost certainly.

As for the telephone part, they're fine.

I made test calls with my son, both with the same headphones, and the quality of the conversation was good, more than adequate.

Pressing the button once pauses the music, pressing it twice quickly will skip to the next song, holding it down will activate the voice assistant of the phone, and you can make calls or send and read messages without picking up the phone.

Bending can be put in the backpack easily, do not take up much space.

And the 1.2 meter cable is long enough to be able to use it while holding the phone in your pocket or backpack, but not too much to bother and get caught up everywhere.

For 930.67 Philippine Piso I am absolutely satisfied with the Sony MDRZX110AP.

If you have needs that go beyond just listening to MP3 music on your mobile phone, spend 30,000 plus and get adequate headphones.

And combine them with a tube amplifier and an excellent dish, not a mobile phone.

The only negative note: the button in my opinion is too small, you need to look for it every time, and there is no ring that tightens the two cables that go to the pavilions, which resolves with a piece of tape but I would have expected it of factory.

Spandau Ballet Officially Has A New Lead Singer, Is He Good?

On the evening of Wednesday, June 6, Spandau Ballet held a concert at the Subterania in London presenting on stage, for the first time, the new singer Ross William Wild to replace Tony Hadley.

In view of this concert guitarist Gary Kemp had told Billboard: "This is a rebirth of the band, but it's still the band, it still sounds like a band, the energy is the same, we still have the main songwriter.

Same musical protagonists And now we have this new guy who is filling us with new vitality, he really has a lot of talent, passion and knowledge ".

The Subterania is a 600-seat venue, formerly known as Acklam Hall, whose aces were trodden by artists like Clash and Joy Division in the '70s and' 80s.

Even the Spandau Ballet performed in the club when they were still called Gentry.

Martin Kemp told the audience: "About 40 years ago there was a group of kids called Gentry playing on this stage, this time it seems like a circle is closed and we start all over again, except this time it seems more exciting."

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